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Talkback: Making a wormery

Hi Kate, Happy Christmas,One of my compost bin is almost full and the worms are still active, When I lift the lid to put more waist in there is always a lot round the lid and rim at the top,One bin is almost empty now so I can start to refill it with pruning,s from the border and kitchen waist mixed together,Have a Peaceful New Year.


  • well you going to tell us how ?


  • Graceland,Click on Making a wormery for full details,Happy New Year.
  • What an outstanding idea Kate! I could not be without my worm juice (as I call it). The speed with which worms turn peelings into the amazing brown stuff has to be tried by all... What would we do without cardboard egg boxes eh? (Wormeries, spud chitting, seed trays....) Great post as always!
  • @oldhippy Happy Christmas to you too. I envy you having more than one bin!

    @GRACELAND if you click on the link to making a wormery in the blog above, there's a video demonstration of how to make one.

    @Pauline Gardens Weekly thanks very much! It's working really well. I'm now on the scrounge for more containers to make a more permanent wormey!

  • Hi Kate Happy New Gardening Year,Bin number two will turned out soon to get it moving again when Bin one is empty,Our winter flouring cherry is nearly all out now and there have been quite a lot of bees visiting.
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