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Plant / Trees Ideas to provide privacy next to arbour (pics included)

Hi there, We have managed to put a small patio down and arbour down this weekend in a house we have recently moved into. As you can see there is a gap between the arbour and the garage and we are wanting to put some plants / trees in that area, there is just soil there now. We are wanting to shield as much of the neighbours house behind, but conscious of tree roots and the garage foundations. We were thinking of possible an evergreen climber right next to the arbour but stuck on what else to plant around that area. We would really welcome any suggestions. We thought evergreens but open to any suggestions and willing to buy large plants / trees if needed. Thanks


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 7,048

    Hello Jonathan.  You could look at a laurel - evergreen, large leaves,  fairly dense and clippable or maybe an Eleagnus ebbingei, ditto, but bonus of tiny scented flowers. I'm sure the others will have lots of other suggestions.

  • Thanks Lizzie, really appreciate that idea. More ideas welcome
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 3,621
    Maybe a holly, variegated leaves, evergreen, red berries in winter(will bring in the birds) good for small garden as slow growing, but would have to buy a big enough one to start . Don't get ivy or a climber that will cling to the fence/garage they do a lot of damage.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. Is there anything which is a bit higher that is higher than the fence. I was thinking the pleached trees but I guess they maybe too much as too near to the garage. Looking for something tall but not grasses. Thanks again
  • Crista1Crista1 Posts: 14
    What about fast growing evergreen honeysuckle or clematis and a bit of trellis nailed to the top of the fence you could then put other low plants at the front. 
  • nav 544nav 544 Posts: 22
    Your thoughts on pleached trees sounds good, Pleached hornbeam or photinia are fairly quick growing, provide all year screening and relatively easy to look after. Roots are quite well behaved also :)
  • jonathanlcarpenterjonathanlcarpenter Posts: 17
    edited August 2018
    That's my main worry about trees are the roots and also controlling them. I certainly don't want to cause us issues or the neighbours. Not fair for me to shade their garden but also i ideally want to have some privacy. It's tricky so please keep the suggestions coming. 
    Really appreciate the help.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,638
    My advice is maybe not what you want to hear... that is, to stop worrying about those upstairs windows and plant what you like to enjoy on your arbour or in that gap against the fence, rather than constantly worrying about whether neighbours are spying on you from above, and trying to fit plants in with that constant irritation... which needn't exist really... when you think about it, how long do we spend in our upstairs rooms staring out of windows spying on the activities of others?... well, I haven't the time, and if they're British, the moment you stare back they will quickly disappear behind some curtain pretending they've not seen you..

    Don't worry about it, plant some nice roses on your arbour... and choose something you like that's welcoming and colourful for all to see... a real blaze of glory.. let them be gobsmacked by your garden artistry, floriferous beauty and flair for gardening, which they may not have...
  • jonathanlcarpenterjonathanlcarpenter Posts: 17
    edited August 2018
    I'm open to any suggestions and your point is really valid. I guess I want something nice and evergreen(to provide colour rather than fence) but also to provide a little more privacy and enclose our garden a little. Fantastic ideas given though so keep them coming. I have no real idea on gardening or plants so it's all really useful. 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,638
    aah ok...if you're not a general gardening type,  then to suggest something that I don't think has been mentioned so far, I would pop down to your local B and Q, and pick up a Ceanothus 'Concha' shrub... this plant grows very quickly, and will soon form a large evergreen like the one you have on the left, a similar shape to that, and get quite tall, so will block out partially some of those windows...  drought tolerant, needs no extra watering, and will not hurt your outbuilding..

    Some people shape it into a small dome headed tree which can be quite attractive, by pruning off the lower stems to leave a clear trunk... the dome head gets wider and larger and will probably cover those windows...  takes a few years though, if you want something instant, then you will need to plant a small tree, like a crab apple, with a dome shaped head... or resort to quick growing evergreens like Pittosporum tenuifolium...
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