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  • My cordyline is growing happily but too much for its location. Can I hold back its growth in any way ?

  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Central southern Scotland Posts: 3,845

    i have 4 in pots, I take them into a frost free greenhouse in winter then tie them up and wrap fleece around the pots. I dont let them dry out and in Sring remove a lot of the lower leaves, feed once then pop back out

    i am in deepest south Lanarkshire in a frost pocket too cold to plant this palm

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  • David865David865 Posts: 1

    The leaves on my cordyline are either yellow or mottled two thirds of the way up the plant so I have replanted it in John Innes No3 in a large pot will this solve the problem?

  • I have a 10 maybe 12 foot Cordyline which is outdoors in the ground. It has 2 main trunks to it which stand side by side. the upper area is always lush and green, the lower unfortunately spoils the look of the whole tree as it has brown leaves. I have removed many of the brown leaves carefully by cutting close to the bark. However, once these are removed I seem to get a new batch of brown leaves. 

    This tree has been outdoors for the last 12 years and hasn't really had a great deal of attention. eg: fed or watered on a regular basis. Any ideas as to how I can eradicate the brown??

  • Hi my red cordyline seems to be dying from the middle outwards.  Two others about same size same place  all in large pots seem to be thriving it has been very wet here of late or wondering if it's an insect I have an abundance of spiders. 

  • I live in Phoenix Arizona and my red cordyline sensation is turning brown and leaves are splitting. It’s outside in a pot and it gets mostly afternoon sun. Is it simply to hot for this plant? It’s 107 degrees right now. I love this 
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  • Thanks Freddie’s Dad, I will bring it in, have a nice sunny window area for it.
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