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I'm murdering all my onion seedlings

itsueyitsuey NorfolkPosts: 39
I put a red and a white variety of seeds in a propagator on the windowsill in my conservatory and when the first ones sprouted I let them get to about 5cm above the soil and moved them in to pots. The ones in the conservatory died, the ones put out in the garden died. The next seedlings I got through I left in the propagator, made sure there was water in the bottom so they wouldn't dry out, and they're dying. What am I doing wrong? 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,456
    edited May 2018
    Too much heat.   They don't need a propagator.
    Its very late to start onions from seed. The general rule is to start them over Christmas, around the shortest day, as they stop growing new leaves on the longest day(only 4 wks off now) The leaves then swell at the base to form the bulb.
    You can still sow spring onions outside directly where you want them.
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  • itsueyitsuey NorfolkPosts: 39
    I planted them about 2 months ago, it's taking them ages to germinate, but I'll remember that for next year, thanks!

    I think I put pretty much everything in a propagator because we had no heating and snow and then a really hot spell where I was watering things in pots twice a day and it was just evaporating. 
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