Image size test - please take part!



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    Mine took a bit longer to load on Safari than Firebox (browser). They loaded bar by bar. I couldn't check which pics loaded best as while they were loading my screen 'froze' for about 15 seconds and wouldn't let me scroll down. A good Mac with high speed fibre optic. I have a load of filters in place, which I'm sure slows opening and loading quite a bit (Adblock, Ghostery, Https, Hit Hider).

    On my phone (iphone 6, Safari) all four images took 30 seconds to load. All loaded at the same speed, bar by bar at the same time (not one after the other).

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    On a clunky old iPhone 4 they all loaded together, taking a little under 30 seconds. 
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    As I scroll up and down the page, they appear, disappear and appear again.🧐
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    All loaded a bit slower than I  would like but acceptable
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    Number one started to load and then stopped and all I see is four small blue boxes with question marks in them  :/
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    After eight mins only the first had loaded completely but the others were nearly there. However I wouldn't really have the patience to wait that long! 
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  • B3B3 Posts: 10,894
    Can anyone explain to me what 'size' actually means?
    Is it the resolution,pixels,dimensions of the photo or what?
    When I can see photos, the quality seems pretty much the same to me. I have assumed that the more vibrant photos are due to the subject or the skill if the photographer. Am I wrong?
    Vibrant is good, but this is a gardening forum, not a photography forum so I would be happy to see 'inferior' pics rather than none.
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    Thanks for investigating this, it is proving problematic for me.
    Loaded fine in my iPad using safari, but took just over a minute. I give up on threads with more than a couple of (high res) photos as they just take too long. Download speed is 4.45 here, in rural west Wales.
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