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Potting on sweet pea seedlings?

Hello - I ordered some (12) sweet pea seedlings assuming they'd be delivered when it was time to plant out.. 
It's too early isn't it?

So the next question is - what should I plant them onto? They have long roots so will I need a lot of big/long pots? Do I need to plant them separately? And are they okay in a general potting compost or do they still need seed compost?

Thanks for your help - I'm a panicky amateur!


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 17,484
    You will need quite long pots. I would pot them up in pairs in flower pots using multipurpose compost which has some fertiliser in it. When you come to plant them out you can leave them in pairs, they don't like too much root disturbance. 

    Also pinch out the top growth to make bushier plants, they will grow more stems lower down. You don't want long straggly growth, well, not unless you are growing them for showing, a different technique.

    Then put them in a light sheltered place, such as a cold frame if you have one. It is a bit early to plant them outside and they will need some protection as they are young plants, although they are hardy.
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  • Thank you - I'll have to quickly get some big pots!
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