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hi, l have a ride on mountfield lawnmower. It seems to be leaking from the rocker box cover. Iam going to fit a new gasket and wanted to also use a sealer to be 100 % sure it won’t leak. What sealer would you recommend. Thanks Liz.


  • ColinAColinA Posts: 264

    Hi Scooby 7

    The new gasket should cure the leak but if a gasket has been fitted in the past with a sealant I would use a silicon sealant which is made for engines and can be bought from garages etc


  • Hi Colin, which one would you use. I have been looking and it’s confused me in which one to use. Is there’s one you have used and could recommend. Many thanks Liz.

  • ColinAColinA Posts: 264

    Hi Liz

    Loctite RTV sealant is good and so is Hylomar if you buy in small tubes


  • Thank you for all of your help. Liz.

  • musmanali2020musmanali2020 PakistanPosts: 29
    I think you should have a look at the Manual which provides all the necessary information about repairing the lawnmowers. The John Deere Service Manual is one of the best manual that provides step by step procedure with images to repair the lawnmower.
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