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  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 6,984

    Just downloaded and had a quick play.  There will certainly be some learning to do, but with the number of tools and the array of objects from furniture to paving, through plant types and sizes I certainly think it's going to be worth the effort.

    Thanks again for the link.

  • After some digging (excuse the pun) found a very useful free garden design website - Gardena Garden planner. Not so much an app as can only access via an internet search but very pleased with the find!

    The garden planner app suggested by others certainly looks good but as an option for people looking for something free then the Gardena website certainly helps! Did for me and what would seem a very reputable company

    Link below

  • Good find, looks OK, a pity it will it work on an iPad.

    Compared to most houses round here their small gardens are not small when looking at their suggested plans. 


  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 986

    Like Gardena Plan Site very much. Thank you. I think that most people plan for bigger plots than they actually have. So lucky here in France, we all have large plots even 'new builds'.

    Spring bulbs now coming up and we have a wonderful hedgerow full of primroses and violets that I can crystallise for cake decorations shortly. Found clump of daffodils near compost heap that must have been thrown out by prvious owners (from a pot perhaps?) Must be 30 bulbs there -Joy -I love surprises in new gardens.

    Bog Garden will have to be made into shallow pond -New Project when it stops raining! Lots of changes to be made. Moved here last April and just planted all my previous treasures where I 'thought' they would work. Can now envisage much more scope.

    Thank you again. Happy Gardening.

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