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Unusual chrysanthemum

I have a red chrysanthemum in my garden now in full bloom,but what is strange is that 2 blooms are half red and half yellow. is this common with these flowers.

David Potter.


  • Thanks for your reply

    I will try to include photo this for you to see,image

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 4,208

    Last year I had one that was Half pink half cream-yellow but they haven't done it this year. This question came up on a GQT on a Beechgrove garden episode. The thought was it was probably some kind of reversion, as most of these cultivars are hybrids and as  the genes for both colours are present they may not always be expressed in a uniform way. The other thought was virus infection at the early bud stage. As Phillipa says above it's not that uncommon


    AB Still learning

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