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Poorly Cordyline


Can anyone offer me some help and advice? I have a Cordyline that stands about 6ft in a terracotta pot, in the spring I usually add some fish, bone and blood food to the soil and every autumn I get yellowing leaves at the bottom which is fine, I usually just trim them off! But this autumn I have noticed that a quater of the way up the leaves are turning yellow and brown at the Base near to the main trunk! I've never seen this before and i'm so worried that she's dying! Can anyone help please?

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  • mcdoodmcdood Posts: 24

    As Phillippa say they do lose lower leaves as a norm. If losing them much higher up then worth checking the crown. I've had it happen to mine a couple of times after flowering that the plant suffers from crown rot.  You can try to cut it out at the crown but sometimes the rot is deep down inside the trunk, and I've had one die. Can be recovered if rotting , a bit drastic, but if necessary  cut the  trunk way down below the rot and it will respout in spring

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