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What size pot for lettuces

I have just bought some winter density cos seeds and want to grow my greenhouse. Containers is the only option as it is a paved base. So what size container?

Also is there anything else that i can grow in it this time of year?

I live in the south east and when should i bubble wrap the greenhouse?




  • You would bubble wrap your GH before you expect the first frosts.

    Why not grow your lettuce in a trough rather than individual pots ? 3 or 4 to a 24" trough should allow them to grow to maturity.

    If the weather is reasonable, you can sow some of the various salad type leaves, rocket, mustard, etc. to go with your lettuce. Using a trough again is easier.

    So much depends on your weather - you won't know until you tryimage

  • Thanks for the advice i have just ordered some troughs.

    At the moment i have just put in my tomatoes that were outside into the greenhouse as the greenhouse was finished this weekend.

    Should i open or close the door?



  • I've put a dozen or so cos lettuce in a half barrel. Mostly to help keep the slugs out. It's worth planting spring onion seeds in the trough too if you like them as they don't really compete for the space.

    Bringing the tomatoes into a warmer space like the greenhouse will help them to ripen this late on and closing the door should be fine at this time of year.

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