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Was in Lidl yesterday and saw that they have 50 packs of spring bulbs in. The bulbs looked in very nice condition. I bought a pack of mixed tulips in shades of pink and red and a mixed pack of yellow tulips and narcissi.

They also had a pack with strongly coloured pink tulips and white narcissi. All £6.99. 

The label doesn't say which variety they are but the tulips look like apeldoorns and i've had great success with lidl's bulbs before.

Just sharing in case anyone else is interested


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,955

    Hello oooft (?)

    Lidl , like its rival Aldi, only sell top quality products . I've bought numerous Allium 'Purple Sensation' in the past from them . Never faulted them !!

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 5,729

    A lot of people turn up their noses at Lidl and Aldi, but they do have a reputation for good quality at low prices.

  • KT53 Agree with you. Only morons and snobs turn up their noses at Lidl or Aldi. I have bought lots of plants and bulbs from both. Unlike some garden centres they will refund or replace faulty plants.

    I buy most of my tools from both. As an example, I needed a 15mm drill urgently. I ordered one from the Jungle People. It took 8 days to arrive and cost £7.50. A day later I got a full set, not one drill but six from Lidl for £2.99!

    Aldl on-line deliver very quickly for free for non large items and unlike the Jungle People don't have a £20 minimum order charge.

    It's not by accident that both have knocked seven rounds of compost out of the greedy shareholder businesses such as Tesco. There's a lesson there for them all.

    I also like the fact that Lidl and Aldi comply with the Modern Slavery Act - unlike some who do not but by law should.


  • SussexsunSussexsun Posts: 1,444

    I buy a lot of plants and bulbs from lidl.

    i bought hydrangeas for£5.99. Good healthy plants and no difference from the ones priced at £32 in my local garden centre Just less choice.

    Their heathers are good value at 59p each and I planted 10 of them at the weekends. Nice sturdy little plants without the weird spray paint some retailers insist on spraying them with.

    I have already started to buy their spring bulbs and will stick a couple of packs into the shopping basket each time I do some shopping. They are so cheap you don't notice the extra spent and I should have a nice display come the spring.

    Wilkos is also good value for bulbs and my £1 dahlia tubers did exceptionally well this year.

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