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Peony - Leaf Scorch? Wilt?

My sister has a pretty sad looking peony that needs some TLC... as you can see from the photo.  From Googling, I'm assuming this is leaf scorch, but it could be a fungal problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I plan to repot obviously (although could too small a pot be a problem here too?).  Any advice gratefully received.

I'll be looking after this poor peony while she's away for a year, so I want to nurse it back to good health!

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    I'd remove all the rubbish and repot - but make sure you don't plant it too deeply. That's the most common cause of paeonies not flowering well. It looks as if it has been planted a bit deep, but it's hard to tell. They need good  drainage too, so check that the holes in the pot are clear by putting some crocks in the bottom  to allow excess water to drain away. 

    The foliage is just a bit scorched - which may be from watering on top of the plant, especially if it's been sunny at the time. Always water at the base of the plant - not from above. They're getting a bit rough looking at this time of year as they're finished for now.

    It will need more attention than one in the ground, but once it's repotted, just make sure it isn't waterlogged. In spring, you can replace a little of the top inch or two of soil with fresh compost/soil and some slow release food. If it's staying in a pot long term, you should use a soil based compost, not just multi purpose, and you can use a tomato food or similar once it starts showing new buds in spring, to encourage good flowering. Make sure it also has really good support, as they can get very top heavy once the foliage reaches it's peak. image

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    Brilliant advice - thank you very much!  I was horrified when I saw the state of this poor Peony - but I will follow your instructions and hope to see it look a bit happier at some point soon.  On the leaf front, I don't need to cut them back, just leave them to follow their natural course and hope for new leaves and buds next year?  The peony in my garden looks a world away from this one of my sister's!

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    The leaves will just die back by themselves. The base of the plant grows from little red 'nubs', not unlike the way a hosta looks when first emerging, so if you can keep those on or near the surface when you replant it, that will be ideal. 

    I took this pic of mine in late March, when someone asked about planting depth earlier this year. It was in a pot and about to get a new spot in the ground. You can see the old stems still in place. I just removed those as the foliage started into growth. 


    I don't thnk they make good pot specimens - they're much happier in the ground.  Mine was only there because I had to move it, and didn't have a new place for it until this year. 

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    Hello Fairygirl - I thought you might like to see what the peony looks like this year!

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