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Name of Chillies on GW and a few other qustions

I was ironing and didn't catch the name of the chillies that the chef on GW was growing, did anyone else?

Also, what is a good chilli for cooking with and adding to curries. For a curry, I like a little heat, but other than that I like ones that are milder and fruitier. Any recommendations?

Finally, if I take some pimiento de pardon chillies from the supermarket, can I use those seeds and get pimiento de pardons chilli plants for myself. Or am I best buying seeds from a good source. I know if I buy foxgloves, they cross pollinate and set seed they can change colour. Wondered if this can happen with veg/ salad/ fruit seeds in the supermarket.

Thanks, Tina


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    I think they were 'naga' chillis. Possibly naga morris or morich

    I grow a range of chillis, including pimientos de padron this year (first time). I bought seeds from a chilli specialist. I've not had much success germinating seeds from the supermarket ones but that may just be my ineptitude. You could always give it a go and see what happens? I would assume where they are grown it is reasonably 'mono-culture so there's a fair chance they aren't crossed. They do do cross pollinate very easily though, like foxgloves

    I also grow one called 'palivec' and a 'locoto' type, both of which are fruity rather than fierce

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