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4 in 1 evergreen

Hi , I wondered if anyone could help me , on Tuesday I spread 4 in 1 evergreen on my lawn and I may have over done it in places , now patches of my lawn appear dead or look brown , what should I do? My grass was fine before but I thought I would use the 4 in 1 to improve it further, I'm a bit annoyed but just need some advice, thanks 



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 63,234

    Have you watered in in well?  If not give it a thorough soaking now.

    Areas containing moss will turn black ... the moss is dying which is what you want ... it's quite simple to hoick it out with a spring tine lawn rake.  

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  • leesimon17leesimon17 Posts: 39

    Ok so I have worked hard raking it and now I have re seeded it 

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 33,039

    You might have been better waiting a few weeks before seeding lee. The active 'weedkiller' part of the product will still be present and may affect germination of the seed. Keep an eye on it and re seed if it doesn't come through  image

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  • If the grass itself has turned brown, it's likely 'had its chips' and will need reseeding. A daily watering may help but prepare for the worst.

    If there was a lot of moss and now bare patches, some seeding will be necessary but as Fairygirl suggested, it's best to wait a few weeks before doing so.

    To give grass seed a decent chance to germinate it would be ideal to loosen up the bare soil so that the roots can penetrate the top layer and add some loam or dry topsoil before seeding, then spread seed in with a garden rake and add a thin layer of topsoil on top to stop seed baking in Sun.

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  • leesimon17leesimon17 Posts: 39

    Thanks for the advice, I did mix seed with top soil and I had raked quite a lot, I do hope the grass will grow didn't realise the weed killer may still be present if the grass isn't growing what should I do? 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 63,234

     I would be patient ...  the grass seed may not take because of the presence of weedkiller - some lawn treatments contain pre-emergents to prevent weed seeds germinating ... afraid this affects grass seed too.   However, it also contains fertiliser, so that will encourage what grass you have left to thicken up and spread.  

    I would then leave it a few weeks for the effectiveness of  the weedkiller to wane and to get past the hottest months, then  in September I would give the lawn a thorough scarifying, then a good watering and sprinkle some grass seed all over.  Try to time it when the weather forecast is for a couple of days rain.  Grass seed germinates really well in September, it's the ideal time.  


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  • leesimon17leesimon17 Posts: 39

    Hi , thanks for the advice , I have loosed the soil , I will water it each day , is it possible the grass Seed will germinate even though there may be weed killer still present? 

  • Yes it's possible but the weedkiller won't help germination rates so best to over-seed. 

    In the past, I've done what you've done and with patience, after care (watering but not over-watering) and a bit of luck, lawns have come good in the end.

    If there are large areas of bare patches and the grass grows, keep away from feed and weed or any fertilizer for this year at the least.

  • leesimon17leesimon17 Posts: 39

    Thanks Dave , trust me I won't use any products for a long time 

    Dave there is quite a bit of seed down mixed with top soil as well as the ground being loosened , i  be surprised if nothing grew , I have been watering it in the evening when the sun has gone down , is it just about being patient?

  • You've done pretty much all you can with prep, seeding and watering correctly, which will also dilute the residual weedkiller. Just don't drench the soil as the seeds and surrounding grass roots could rot if constantly saturated.

    At this time of year with perfect soil temperatures for germination, you should start to see grass shoots within a couple of weeks. If you don't, post back in here!

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