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habanero chili


I grow quite a few fruit and veg but never seem to have real (edible!) success with peppers or chilis. This year I am having a go with a habanero plant. It's in my greenhouse and seems to be growing really well. 

When do I harvest? There are chilis on it.

Should I be picking off any leaves?

I'd appreciate tips on general care.

Many thanks.


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 7,738

    You can harvest a chili when it's grown to its full size but initially they usually taste like a cucumber and are about as hot. As with all chili they swell whilst still green, then turn yellow/orange and finally a rich red (usually). They get hotter at each stage.
    Some take a long time to ripen though especially the very hot one's
    I stick with Thai and jalapeno which are always reliable

    Don't pick off leaves and only start feeding when the flowers appear, with a tomato fertilizer. Keep them on the dry side. They come from hot dry climates, so g/house is good. Mine are also doing well. If insects are scarce, tap the plants when they are in flower mid-morning ideally, to help pollinate

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  • WelshyWelshy Posts: 4

    Many thanks, Pete. 

    All great advice and much appreciated.

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