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Care for tomatoes in greenhouse



  • No, no picture, there might be a  cliche like last weekend.

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 6,109

    Photo uploads are not working again.

    You can upload to a site like imgur and post a link here though

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  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17


  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17

    You can hopefully now see the flowers and leaves. As you can see I had to open the top glass of greenhouse to avoid plants touching the roof and getting moist on top.

    Would leaving it open like this cause harm via rain etc. ? It hasn't rained since I opened it a week back.

    Also there are lots of flowers near the top and some more small ones growing. Please can you tell me things I should do now?

  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17

    imageFYI, I'm also growing some bush tomatoes next to the tall ones in another grow bag and they have now developed small fruits. So I gave them Tomorite yesterday :-) Pic as below.

  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 619

    I would think the air flow could prove to be insufficient given that they're behind glass and very crowded, these are effectively outdoor tomatoes now so the temperature in that greenhouse will be much closer to what it is outdoors.  You might, therefore, run into difficulty if it rains and the plants stay wet (blight, fungus etc.).  

    It's a gamble and you could be fine.  The soil in the grow bags, if they're new, shouldn't be carrying anything sinister, so that improves your chances, but in my experience it's hard to avoid disease in one form or another (I don't use grow bags though).

    It has to be worth considering cutting the tops off and closing the greenhouse back up.  The plants will produce more shoots lower down, should you need them. 

  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17
    Just to update this for other's reference, I did get plenty of tomatoes from these plants in Greenhouse last year. Some of them had split probably because of my irregular watering but they did overtake the whole greenhouse which isn't what I fancy doing this year. Thanks all for your suggestions!
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