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  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802
    darlogirl wrote (see)

    Last year my compost bin had an ants nest in it. While there is no sign of them now I wonder if it will be O K to put the compost on my raised veg patch.

    I would-they like warm and dry so a compost bin is ideal-the compost is spread and dug in-you don't see many ants outside in winter in any case

  • I had ants in my flat a few years ago and it was operation get rid. Bort some Nipon and it did the trick. Don't like killing things but sometimes you have to draw a line. The slugs are going to cop it this year........have been to nice with them in the past but their time has come! image
  • I have had ants in my compost bin every year, I emailed a gardening magazine, they said to leave them as they will help with the compost breaking down, and when you tip the compost out they will disappear, and that is exactly what happens every year.  I also get them in the greenhouse as I have slaps in mine, I just put power in the gaps and just put up with them, my pots are outside from the spring so they do not do too much damage.  Slugs are going to get it this year as well but I have frogs in my garden so they do most of the work of getting rid.

  • Thanks Susan Hughes 2  Iwas worried that there might be ant eggs in the compost but with the frosts we have had I dont suppose they would survive. You are right about the compost breaking down this year is the best I have had. I have spread it on my raised Veg bed and am now looking forward to some warmer weather to start planting.

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