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General questions on indoor citrus and other plants

ait_z28ait_z28 Posts: 14

Hello everyone,

I live in a country where access to a variety of fertilizers/soil types is impossible. I read that my plants need regular fertilizing in order to grow and stay healthy. I'm looking for a one time purchase to get a large amount of citrus/indoor plant food for my plants.

My citrus indoor plants are:


-Lara lemon

-Limequat lemonia

-Citrus limon limone "4

-Kumquat (Fortunella margarita)


-Calamondino Citrus mitis

Citrus plants are planted in 9 inch diameter in German standard potting soil along with some horticultural perlite. Windows are facing south with direct sunlight.

Any general advice if i'm doing anything wrong from the above info or pics?

I found:

Osmocote Plus Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food, 8-Pound (Plant Fertilizer)

Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer with Biozome, 3-5-5 Organic Fast Acting Granular Fertilizer for All Fruit and Citrus Trees

Are these good candidates for my citrus plants and other various indoor plants (Bromeliad, Pothos, Rubber plant, Areca palmetc, Calatheas, Spider plants, Croton etc)




  • Hi,

    Firstly, I'm just image at the quantity of fruit on those citrus trees - and at the pool outside the window!!

    Ok, now down to business image

    They all look very healthy - you may need to pot on some of the citrus trees, as they outgrow their pots, but only in ones slightly larger - going up by small increments, rather than putting them in very large pots, as they won't like the sudden change. 

    From my experience of growing lemon and orange trees indoors, they like regular misting (they particularly loved being in a south facing bathroom!) and I used to have mine on wheeled pot stands, so I could easily move them about and wheel them onto my balcony in the summer, then wheel back indoors as weather became too cool for them.

    In the south of France, they grow in the ground outdoors, surviving some quiet harsh frosts.

    But if you only have indoor space, then try to replicate their conditions as best you can - even opening a window/french window whenever you can, so they are in direct sunlight, will help them.

    Are your citrus all-year flowering/fruiting varieties? If so, they will need more regular feeding than the standard once a year varieties, but be careful not too over fertilise either, which is easily done.

    I used bog standard liquid tomato feed on mine and it worked very well.

    The other feed I use, which is great as it's slow release and you only need to do it every few weeks and can forget about it, is Vitax Q4 fertiliser - brilliant stuff, like this one:

    I also misted mine every month or so with SB Invigorator spray (as they also stayed outdoors at times) which is an organic, totally safe plant stenol spray, that acts as a foliar feed and inhibits activity of whitefly and other pests, safely. It also helps to invigorate all plants and reduces incidents on fungal infections like mildew and rust.

    Now I'm going to go back to my rather cool, London garden and imagine being in that pool!

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  • ait_z28ait_z28 Posts: 14
    jessisinthegarden says:


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    See original post

     Thanks for the info image

    Unfortunately, i cannot bring liquids into the country, I mist them daily with water coming from the garden hose, maybe i can add something to the water to get similar results? I'm also trying to run a humidifier every once in a while, i live in a very dry city, worried that the sudden constant change from dry to humid will affect the plants negatively.

    I will move them into bigger pots, just making sure they make the best of their current pots first.

    They do love sunshine apparently, my mom asked me for a lemon plant and her room rarely gets sunlight, the plant is suffering and lost most of it's leaves.

    Here's a pic highlighting the pool and the amount of fruits image


  • Q4 is in pellet form, not liquid, so maybe that would work?

    They won't necessarily need anything in the misting water - so long as they get misted. Could some of them go but the pool itself, to be outdoors sometimes?

    Then you could smell the glorious blossom when you're having a dip image

  • Torg22Torg22 Posts: 302

    I have a Calomondin but don't fully know how to look after it (although it seems fine at the moment). I haven't tried misting it, will this help then? What affect does it have on the plant?

  • ait_z28ait_z28 Posts: 14
    Torg22 says:

    I have a Calomondin but don't fully know how to look after it (although it seems fine at the moment). I haven't tried misting it, will this help then? What affect does it have on the plant?

    See original post

     I do mist them daily, they're doing just fine.

    For care, I've attached the two tags that came with the Calamondin and Calamondina (don't know if there's any difference between the two)


  • I have a orchid any tips on getting it to flower again?and how often to water?

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344
    irenesilvester1 says:

    I have a orchid any tips on getting it to flower again?and how often to water?

    See original post

     You'd be better off starting off a new thread to ask about your orchid Irene image

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