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  • Palaisglide says:

    KT53, The bit that gets to me is yesterdays terrorist is todays Freedom fighter and peace maker, tell that to the families who suffered.

    My vivd memory is of a picture in the Guard Room with a shoot on sight notice, he later became President of his Country.

    I always knew we lived in a mad mad world.


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     Hi plaid

    Just to clarify one wee point here. Martin McGuinness never held the presidency of ireland.  He stood for election once. In the last election. Our president these days is michael d Higgins, who won that election, a strongly opinionated social rights supporter. Easy to tell him apart from Mr McGuinness.  He is still alive and going strong, and devoting a lot of time to fighting social injustice around the world.

    I think you meant to type deputy first minister rather than president. Moreover, the progress of peace in northern ireland - regardless of your own political persuasion - was only achieved through the hard work and devotion of Martin McGuinness and politicians on all sides.

    And yes we do live in a mad world. Watching the news is now more complicated than ever. You have to establish sources and check them. Even the rte or BBC news is tainted to dumb it down to the lowest common denominator. When I do a presentation to a new client, my first question is "would a squaddie understand this?" I think the news stations are doing the same 

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Clueless, I should have explained the person I spoke of was not in Ireland, the shoot on sight poster was in a Desert in a country that if you say its original name on here the post disappears, I was never in Ireland although we did train for Street fighting at one time. It is a complicated mad world. As to would a Squaddie understand it, they do understand a lot more than the people who send them off into the bad places. We knew we would change nothing, often were on the side of the opposition but carried out orders for an easy life, the people who you use as an example should not be the Squaddies but the politicians and they question would be "How will they change this to suit their own ends"?


  • Ah! It makes sense now! My apologies, as for the politicians, I have long given up on trying to understand them let alone explain anything to them. We currently have here a horrendously under funded health service, lost a coastguard helicopter due to lack of air force cover and we have some of the highest paid politicians in Europe if not the world. 

    The world is indeed going to he'll in a handcart.  Thankfully trump, may and all the other "leading lights of democracy" will be too busy arguing to drive the Damn thing! image

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Clueless, and yet there are people who wish for independence thinking it will make things better. More Politicians more Autocratic Government less money. In my experience this makes things worse not better, Collectively we thrive, split there is not enough good stuff to go round and the pigs with feet in the trough get first hack at it. Yes a very mad world.


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