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New to this site I'm Tony can anyone tell me wether plants and bushes in pots of compost need repotting each year with fresh compost?.


  • AHRAHR Sheffield Posts: 361

    Hi and welcom. Established plants / shrubs need repotting every two or three years when the old compost runs out of nutrients and its structure breaks down.

    The best time to repot established plants is at the start of the growing season, in mid spring. 

  • Hi Tony, welcome to this very helpful and friendly site.  I have been amazed at the amount of help and advice I have picked up since joining this Forum.

    Personally I would repot the plant when the roots are showing through the drainage hole, to prevent the plant becoming pot bound, which will slow it's growth.  It depends on the plant, but I usually give all my potted plants a good feed every now and then - most importantly when they are actively growing.  If I am not repotting, I like to take a couple of inches of the top soil/compost out of the pot and refresh it with new matter. 

    I am sure other gardeners will give you more advice, but I find this routine works for me and I have masses of pots and containers, which I love.  However they do need a lot of watering in the warmer weather.

  • Thanks very much for the advice I have loads more questions but I'll  pace myself for now.


  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 2,054

    Depending on plants like bedding plants petunia - lobelia etc will be fine in compost with a weekly feed.

    Bush or perennials which will be more permanent plants would be best planted with john innes no 3 with added compost possibly grit as well depending on plant, replace the top inch or 2 with fresh compost and a bit of fish blood and bone annually. Should get a good few years before it will need replanting, unless the plant has outgrown the pot.

    Compost doesn't have a long life span 6 - 8 weeks if that, depending on how greedy the plant is. 

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