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Fig tree has hairy growths all over

I just brought my fig tree up from the basement to start growing in the window before bringing it outside for the summer. When i unwrapped it i noticed all these 1 to 2 inch long hairs all over the branches and stem of the fig. Does anyone know what it is? This particular tree was started from a cutting the mother tree looks nice and clean.


  • I have pictures how do you post them.

  • May well be little roots forming where it's been wrapped up in the dark.  If it's an ordinary fig (ficus carica) it's perfectly hardy and doesn't need putting away for the winter, nor will it want to be indoors. 


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    To post photos start with the camera icon and follow instructions. If pic doesn't appear you may need to reduce it's size. 

    My fig (Brown Turkey) lives outside in a sheltered spot all year round here in Norfolk UK. 

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  • Ok heres a picture. Its a chicago fig.


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  • Chicago fig is one of the ficus carica cultivars, perfectly hardy. Yes, they look like little roots, formed because the tree was in the dark and the stems produced roots thinking they were underground. They'll fade and die off. I'd acclimatise it somewhere light but not warm, then get it outside as soon as possible where it will grow normally, in a pot or in the ground if you allow it some space


  • The tree is in a 10 inch pot. None of the other trees had these little roots? On them. But i agree they do look like roots. And i did plan on planting in the ground this spring.

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