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Blueberry planting

Hello, I have a question regarding blueberries. I'm in Seattle and the weather now is really cold with days coming up bellowing freezing. I bought some blueberries in nursery and they were really rootbounded. They seemed to be in pot for so long that I couldn't use my hands to break up the roots. So I used a fork like tool and I was very aggressive to the pound that I made them look like barefooted plants while loosining the roots. I was wondering if the plants will turn out OK even though I was aggressive and removed nearly 2/3 of the roots. 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 16,980

    You can only find out by planting them, but 2/3 of the roots is a lot to break off. You only needed to loosen them around the edges. Plant them in acid soil or compost and give them some winter protection such as horticultural fleece. Mine are pretty hardy, but I believe the winters in Seattle are very cold.

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