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when planting potatoes should farmyard manure be under or over the tubers


  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Hi David, see what the others say,but i always put my compost in the bottom and seed potatoe on top, always worked for me. what variety are you planning? I have tried several but charlottes are the best for us, very easy to grow and she has not failed us yet. another favorite is vivaldi, but i have a job finding seed versions of them. My friend did pink fir apple once, lovely tasting, but so many nooks and crannies to clean the dirt off, tooo much hassle....

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,379

    I fork it into the area being planted. I pile it on a few inches deep and then fork it in well before planting.  Make sure it is well rotted. it should have no smell and be crumbly and fibrous.

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  • hi david  rj    if you have it in time put it on in einter on top of turned garden like I do and let winter and rain  soak down  when you turn it over for planting put a few shovel fulls in bottom of trench and put set on top  I do mine about 15 to 18 ins apart some say that is to wide  but I find that the spuds have more room to spread (but your preference  david))  I use cara sets main crop this year I have got a new one 4 kilo KONDOR   hope it is some help   Michael

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  • JIMMMYJIMMMY Posts: 241


    I used to use lots of manure when planting my potatoes, but always had blight and the potatoes riddled by keel slugs making them unusable!

    The old chap on the plot beside mine told me,manure only destroys potatoes, I (he) only use growmore, and he had the crop to prove it!

    Two seasons ago I followed his advice, I did not use any manure only special potato fertilizer, and did not have any blighted or slug damaged potatoes, the same with last year, very large crop and very clean!

    His and my potatoes we compared were Desire, so we were comparing like for like!

    I practice crop rotation and also get loads of stable manure for free, I still use it but not for potatoes and also add it to my compost bins!

    One of the beds I grew them in last year was were I grow carrots, parsnips and beetroot which i have added riddled compost and lots of sand to, the potatoes from that part were exceptional, good size and very clean!

  • cornellycornelly Posts: 959

    I dig in garden compost, and grow good crops of Wilja and King Edward potatoes, the well rotted compost mixed into the soil as I dig before planting usually late autumn, plant as normal March/April, they are chitting now in the ack bedroom.

  • hi jimmy I note you use horse  manure and free ? I myself don't like it as sometimes the grain is not crushed or broken and have had corn grass and the like ...anyhow the way I do mine is I put it all over garden empty garden tip and put all over garden as well the allotment now looks like 150 mole hills but winter and rains have washed lots off goodness into ground all I will do when I plant spuds is rake it over and as long as no big lumps make trenchs and plant     I grow maincrop CARA I think I will last a few months yet before I buy any and onions also      ( like cornelly idig in autumn well)    hope it helps   Michael

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