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Petrol Hedge trimmer

Hello, just wanted recommendations for petrol hedge trimmers, I'm about to buy and thought it worth asking for people's experience with different brands. I want as light weight as possible but of course with as big a cutting width as possible!! And of course my main concern is Price, I can't afford to get a top of the range but do need something that will last. Has any body got any suggestions of make and where to buy. Many thanks. Sue


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,169

    Petrol will generally be able to cut thicker branches than a battery powered unit.  That said, I gave up on my petrol one when it simply refused to start.  Cost of repair/servicing was stupidly high.  I also have the Gtech one and it does for me as I don't have a huge area to cut. 

    The other option of course is cabled electric as these also tend to be more powerful than cordless.  They are generally also lighter and cheaper than petrol models.

  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 1,737

    I can only recommended the expensive hedge trimmer kawasaki / stihl , but you can pick them up second hand for a reasonable price. I've had a few 2nd hedge trimmers and they all been very reliable.

    I wouldn't get one with blade to long, they can get heavy when held out doing top of an hedge. 

  • I suppose Stihl petrol ones come into the 'too expensive' bracket?  They are superb, though. The three I've got all perform well after nearly ten years, little maintenance having been required.  All I do is ensure they're cleaned out of fuel and protected from damp before putting them away for a few months (Feb - May) and clean filters, wipe blades over etc prior to starting them again for the new season. 


  • Thanks for comments, yes I was meaning Stihl when I said too expensive!! I'll have a look @ second hand. 

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