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Wooden Veg' Trough/Box

Could anyone who has experienced growing veg’ in a raised wooden veg’ box/trough share their experiences please?

And why are some a ‘V’ shape?


  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Hi, do you mean a raised bed which is on the ground but filled with compost above the ground or donyou literally mean a box? I think concerns would be depth and drainage and suitability for the veg that you want to grow. You can grow lots of veg in containers. I grow courgettes, french beans, beetroot, radish, cabbages, strawberries, and broadbeans, the broadbeans were excellent this year! I just buy cheap multi purpose compost and add to previous old compost. Then plant up and water beds often, no worry about drainage as excess just filters theough into the ground beneath. I'm so pleased with my raised beds i have bought too more. I find them so easy to maintain. In between i weedkill the walkways to keep them neat. I have a fruit bed,potato bed and another small growing area which are not raised and between it all it works well. How exciting to begin growing veg....i would think beans, salads, radish,beetroot, courgette etc will all grow in your boxes. Why not try a blueberry bush in a box too ;) things that may not work may be big greens like broccoli,, cauli, as they do need a lot of space? Potatoes should be good if box deep enough. To keep slugs off you could put slug tape around 

  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Box sides, and put nets over for bird protection. You can put canes in for the beans? ;))  hope i haven't rambled too much! Am sure others will have good ideas, ps. I always buy salad plug plants to get me started and then plant salad leaves seeds for continuation....radishes are so quick and rewarding :) 

  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Ps. The v shape is to give more root depth i guess, and to aid drainage away from roots, so not sitting in wet compost? 

  • LG_LG_ gardens in SE LondonPosts: 2,639

    The v-shaped ones are easier to access for wheelchair users. I think that's the main reason for that design?

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  • AsarumAsarum Posts: 421

    I've had some good salad crops off my table height trough.  My main problem is that the compost quickly gets covered with moss.  I think it's partly the fault of the compost and partly because having a very small garden it doesn't get enough sun.

    East Anglia
  • Thanks for your replies.

    Not raised beds. I was referring to the troughs akin to a manger. Elevated to a height of around a meter or so.

    Due to space limitations I am considering Veg’ing in the sky so to speak, so welcome any successes or faux pas that forumeers have had.

  • I have 3 table type planters, box-shaped rather than V-shaped, but I grow flowers in them rather than vegetables. I've only had them a year but they've been good and don't need watering nearly as much as other containers. I should think V-shaped ones might need watering more often though.

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