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My neighbours must think I'm nuts!



  • Iona3Iona3 Posts: 27

    The other night I must admit the temptation to hack away at a couple of shrubs, the moon was out and everything as still as a mill pond.

    Too still, the slightest rustle would have no doubt alerted the local bobby or animal rescue centre, the prospect of either being handcuffed or caught in a big net stop me in my tracks.

    The nights have been wonderful though.

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  • JulieH3JulieH3 Posts: 85

    I have to admit to trying out the new hedge cutter on a couple of oversize shrubs (mahonia and berberis) a few weeks ago, once hubby had gone to work (nightshift) and the bairns were asleep (c 9ish).  I was back at work the next day and you can guarantee it would have rained so i wouldn't have been able to play for ages   

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