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Feeding blackbirds



  • I put some apples out today and a pair of blackbirds are amazing the most of them. I also put out suet, dried fruit and porridge oats, which they also seem to like. It was funny to see the magpie trying to get something out of the peanut nut and it kept moving away for it. I guess the magpies have to eat too though. I like the idea of putting the apples in a skewer Steve.
  • Great photos Steve, what a good idea I will try that.  I too put out dried fruit and oats, they just love them.  I  have a tame blackbird, he watches as I go out into the garden and he flies down and sits on my bird table whilst I am putting the food onto it so that he can get first pickings I suppose, before the deluge of starlings and pigeons. 

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