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Pond advice needed



  • Janie13Janie13 Posts: 5

    I feed my tadpoles fish flakes as well when I remember to buy them. Your ponds sound wonderful Carol147, I envy you the toads.

  • Carol147Carol147 Posts: 9

    Its great watching how frogs and toads develop differently, I had waterboatmen larvae that were attacking some of my toadtadpoles, but I caught it and put it in our stream. Waterboatmen are b ack in ,so no doubt there will be more larvae. 

  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,600

    We made a modest pond about 25 years ago, largely for the kids. We planted it up and put in a few goldfish. In about 5 minutes we had newts, toads and frogs and they all bred enthusiastically. However, the newts ate all the frogspawn. I went out at night with a torch and saw a ring of newts surrounding the spawn and eating the little black centres. We have never got as far as froglets. The toads and newts produce hundreds of babies. Goldfish are not natural wildlife, of course, but they are peaceful, pleasant creature and don't seem to eat anything but fish food. They also breed freely. You do have to net against herons.

  • PondkenPondken Posts: 1

    My grankids caught 4 tiny sticklebacks at the end of last summer and put them in my pond. Didn't think they'd last a week never mind over winter. Watched in surprise as adults appeared, built nests and are at it again today! There are dozens of mini stickies swimming around the pond. Fascinating to watch but I am now wondering what is going to happen in the pond when they all grow up!

  • Carol147Carol147 Posts: 9

    My grandson caught some minnows in the river years ago, we put them in the fish pond and they lasted for years. I didnt think they would have survived in non running water, but they did.

  • Gillian53Gillian53 Posts: 112

    Our first year for frogspawn and we had three lumps. The pond has been alive with tadpoles up until this week. I've seen a few with all four legs and assume they're all making  way into the surrounding vegetation. I'll have to watch where I walk now.

  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 4,678

    Plenty of wildlife in and around my pond this month - really loving the damselflies landing on the water lilies. My pond carp were slow to become active this year (had worried that the heron had visited!) but they are boldly coming up to feed now. I must confess I did squeek a bit when a frog jumped on my flip-flopped feet! There's a reason why wellies are king!

    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
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