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Wind damaged Ceanothus

We've had a really nice ceanothus 'tree' (4-5 meters tall) at the end of our garden ever since we moved in, it's been blown over in the recent strong winds and part uprooted. I can see that a big root about 10cm diameter has been broken, I then found its been planted on top of a paving slab and rubble which probably added to the lack of stability. Today I had to remove about a third of the foliage and branches to save the fence it was laying of and prevent further damage. Is it worth or even possible to save it or am I better off having it removed? Any advice would be much appreciated, it looked great when it entirely turned blue every year and both myself, my girlfriend and a lot of bees like it a lot!


  • Hi Dan5ive

    They are lovely, aren't they?

    From what you say about the size it sounds like quite an old plant. The important thing to know is that few Ceanothus survive much beyond 8 years. They are by nature short-lived plants. Cutting back into old wood will not produce new growth. So in a way you have to plan for them departing your garden suddenly. It sounds to me as it your best bet would be to have it out. You could then dig out all the rubble underneath and down to the garden centre to buy a nice little new one. They grow surprisingly fast.

    There are all different varieties but 'Concha' is a particularly good one, or if you want a really large small tree-sized variety then go for Ceanothus 'Burkwoodii'.

  • Dan5iveDan5ive Posts: 2
    Hi cambridgerose,

    Thank you for your advice, if it wasn't so big and heavy and had a better chance of growing some good roots back I might try to salvage it.

    I'll look up your recommended ceanothus too.

    Thanks again
  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 9,072

    Pugets Blue is a lovely one tooimage

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