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Robotic Lawnmower

Hi to all,

I'm going to bite the bullet and get a robotic lawnmower this year, due to arthritis I'm finding it harder and harder to keep on top of the lawn, although i love the stripes, which are so satisfying they have to go, the lawn is not too large now as we have cut back over the last few years to make it more manageable, will try to find a picture and attach it!!!

Type of things that I'm unsure about is quality, features i.e. weather sensitive, how close to the edge does it get, we also have a dog so need to thing about the doo doo situation, although it's cleaned up as soon as we see it, it could get rather messy if missed.  

So after all that rambling, i wondered if anyone has any experience of this things, we would be looks at the middle of the range, but don't want to skimp on quality, as this will need to last a few years.

Also, the home for the said gadget,  does this live outside in a kennel type of thing, which needs power or will it need to come in to the garage for that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated 







  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,147

    Probably the best bet is buy the best you can afford, read reviews on Amazon. you need to put barriers around or the thing will go Willy nilly over everthing. It won't avoid the dog do, don't think they are smell sensitiveimage

    They need to have access to a socket, they come back home when they need recharging and dock themselves.

    thats as much as I know about them, not much help. image

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • ColinAColinA Posts: 250

    The barrier that Lyn refers to is a sunken wire around the lawn edge that the machine senses and avoids going over the edge, the other information is correct, Husqvarna are the best make.

  • Thanks, just applied for that completion, although i have never won anything in my life, worth a go though, thanks.

    We was looking at the Robomow 1000, which is abound a £1000, we did look the Husqvarna which was much dearer, and also the Honda,  but in the same respect don't want to end up with rubbish that will need to replaced because it's not fit for the job or dies soon after the warranty is out.

    As for the perimeter wire, we was aware of that, which is not a problem, but do you still need to go around the edge with shears to finish off.


  • I would suggest you visit a local garden machinery specialist that deals with these.

    A lot of problems are caused by the installation, so I would recommended if you get one that is installed by a specialist.

    This is new technology, warranty is important.


  • ,As an engineer for bt broadband I had to visit a street every so often as their broadband would go down after a lot of head scratching  and testing it turned out to be the neighbours robot grass cutter that gave out radio interference ho what fun I would guess the top European brands are better shielded than cheap Asian (for want of a better word) brands good luck

  • Stephen WStephen W Posts: 21

    Hi Shooter

    That's very Interesting as we have a WiFi Range Extender used for the cabin at the end of the garden, as your aware this uses the mains power lead as the means to project the signal down the far end, which we then use wifi to connect the TV and the PC to in our cabin.

    Do you think this will have an effect on the signal when the mower is near the cabling that runs all the way down the fence, It is in seated conjugate! 

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