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cutting of an yucca

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Hi I have a yucca or I think it is It is about a foot plus across and about 3 feet tall With three off shoots Thanks

Can't see how to post a photo whilst on my phone but will post some later


  • pash2pash2 Posts: 95
    Hi Verdon

    My ex is claiming the plant So I thought of taking a cutting and growing one
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  • pash2pash2 Posts: 95

    Thank you everyone

    just had a quick look and its has just the three stems coming off one main one

    I think I will just buy a new one

    Its only because I repotted this one it has got so big and I used to hate it any way just like the umbrella plant I have that has been repotted and gone bigger with its new shoots from a few years ago when I asked about that one.

    Thanks again

  • For what it's worth, we had a yucca that grew over 9 feet tall and was touching our ceiling so we cut it into three and stuck the two top off-cuts into compost in pots.  We now have three lovely yuccas, which really are taking up a bit too much space.

    We put one into our newly-built 'hut' - a large but insulated summerhouse with a woodburner.  Whilst the stove has been lit the yucca has been happy but we went away for three weeks recently and when we got back the yucca in the hut has gone all floppy on the top.  

    We live in Aberdeenshire so think it most likely got too chilly with no heat source in a garden building.  I'm sure it will survive tho, given that it was once a bit of trunk with no leaves on it and no expectation of living, never mind sprouting and thriving! image

    No longer newish but can't think of a new name so will remain forever newish.  B) 

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    Thanks image

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