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  • I have planted a rose stem couple of months ago and there are no leaves growing. When a branch does form from the stem it appears like it has been over watered ie mouldy brown. I have not been over watering the roses. The four other rose stems I bought at the same time have developed more than sufficient amount of leaves. The rose next to it which I bought last year as black spots. Is this inhibiting my new rose stem from growing or is it something else?
  • I seem to have a great deal of cuckoo spit in my garden, especially this year. Really enjoyed the aricle about them.
  • I want to plant my very large bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) in the ground but, don't want it to run. Can anyone tell me how successful it will be and also how to go about doing this, please. It is in a pot at the moment. Do I remove the bottom of the pot and just leave the sides of the pot intact to contain the roots or leave the whole pot intact before sinking it into the ground?
  • I understand that black spot on roses can be avoided by applying sulphur to the bushes. Are there are the any chemical brands that have sulphur in them already? If not how can I treat the roses with sulphur?

    Also are you bale to tell me how to get rid of the speedwells in the lawn, with two dry seasons they are starting to take over.

    Hope to hear from you

    Many thanks
  • hi
    can someone please tell me in what order i must do in looking after my lawn. i want to scarify my lawn and treat it with moss killer, weeds ect so what order is it all done
    many thanks
  • I have a choyser(may be spelt wrong) which I have cut in the past and branches die off now. I have another one which I have not cut,and would like advice on when and how much it is advisable to cut back
  • I have a 3 feet high miniature standard rose - when bought 3 years ago it was full of flowers - last year it was only half full of flowers - this year I have had only 4 flowers - what am I doing wrong
  • Hello experts,

    I was in the landscape maintenance business for 16 years and moved on to be a Paramedic 5 years ago. I recently had an old client call asking for me to identify an issue with his rose. Having been away and having never seen this I thought I'd try to find out. This has shown up on 3 plants (traditional variety) within 40' of a slow moving river and nowhere else that I'm aware. This "thing" shows up anywhere along the stem (cut or not). It is the size of a lemon and looks like a fuzzy pom pom. it is a light green and will dry up at the end of the season, stay brown and dry for years. This is in Bend Oregon in August. Have been looking for pictures but can't find any. If I get back there I'll post one. Thanks for any help.
  • What is causing my poppy "Pattys Plum"s keaves to yellow,turn brown and sgrivel.Unsightly
  • connie77connie77 Posts: 141
    Hi My Rose "London Bridge" has had a bad attack from Greenfly, I got some spray and drenched it , Greenfly have gone now but the leaves have started to turn brown on the edges and some have fallen off?? I am concerned as I have only had it a few weeks and it looks to be about to flower? I have given it a Blood and Bone feed, what else can I do?? Connie
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