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Overwintering Dahlias

Hi all

I need to store my Dahlia tubers for the winter and was wondering if saw dust is any good. I have never used it myself, but given that it's a lot lighter than compost and sand, it would benefit my shelves greatly.

Does anyone use saw dust? Is it a good medium to store tubers?

Thank you all in advance.




  • Thanks Verdun.

    I was just going to go down to B&M as they have big bags of it for animal bedding.

    So yes it will be dry.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 27,272

    i dig mine up with a decent bit of soil and just let them dry slowly. the soil gives them enough to start them off in Spring. I know it's not text book, but it works for me.

  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 395

    Leave mine in the ground they come up year after year.

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Me also. Mind you, I do lift my 'special' ones, mainly because I divide them. I keep them in a shed with windows, covering them with old, dry compost. Bit of water in the spring and off they go.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 27,272

    In my last garden with Hampshire sand, I could leave them in the ground, but here in very very rainy N Devon on heavy clay I'd not risk it.

    Most of them are now in the polytunnel and if it ever stops raining, we'll lift what's left in " the allotment"

  • Thanks all

    Unfortunately ground frosts prevent me from leaving them out over winter. I usually loose a couple over winter in storage, but that's life in the far north.


  • Am 'up north' and always lift my dahlias after one very cold winter losing them all, then I leave them to dry out in the porch/mini conservatory where they get some warmth coming through from the house, or I leave them in pots in dry compost which I then just have to start watering in order to bring them on before planting them out in June, in which case I will start watering them late April/early May and have a good amount of growth on them already when I plant out. Any earlier than June and I risk late frosts but I am cheered up by watching the dahlias starting to sprout regardless of outside temperatures. 

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