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Hi all

I have a lovely south facing bay window in the kitchen which is crying out for a pretty tree to soak up the all day sun. There are no radiators in there so the air is nice and fresh but it does get warm when cooking. I'm thinking about an olive or lemon but have never had a tree indoors before and obv would prefer a tree that is happy in that situ.

I haven't been on this site for aaaaages so apols if this subject has been covered before and I missed it.

Thanks all for any responses.



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 26,167

    weeping fig, Ficus Benjamina. Mine is about 25 years old now.

  • Nice one Hostafan1!

    Many thanks for the rec - will investigate. 


  • Not sure that you would be looking for a tree as such.  Citrus and Olives are far happier outdoors..........they do enjoy the sun and dislike a dry atmosphere but you are really the only one who can decide whether your kitchen is the best place for them. 

    A Dracena of some sort may fit the bill ?  Some like more light than others.

    Ficus often make elegant indoor "trees" but south facing may not always be suitable.  Do you have a blind at the window which could filter the strongest sun a little ? 

  • Woops......slow fingers again image

  • Hi there Philippa and yes, as much as I like the idea, citrus and olives would probably be unsuitable. There are venetian blinds which filter the light and would be easy to adjust when the sun is strongest. I will look at Dracenas too and see which be happiest. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Oh Jo47 you are so organised! So much food for thought - many thanks indeed for all that, I will have a good think now but I am rather partial to "the weeping fig and spend the rest of my life fiddling with the blinds" idea........ image


  • Thankyou x

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