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Pittosporum: When to prune?

Got a pittosporum whose top is reaching the guttering of our house, which must be a good 20ft or more high. We want to lower it, most likely by at least a third of it's current height, so probably down to about 10ft. No real interest in it's width being tidied, apart from a little trim perhaps. I've done a quick google but got a little confused, with several different opinions on when is best and also me not knowing the exact type of pittosporum we have. Does that matter a lot to the pruning what type it is? All I can say is that when it flowers, which it's just finished, the flowers are very dark in colour. They could be black, or a very dark purple/red/blue. Certainly they are dark. So, when's best to prune it down by a third? And is a third of it's height in one go a good idea? Thanks image


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    Hi, I had 2, one variegated and one green. Both had dark brown/purple flowers which was a surprise.

    They were very unkempt and I pruned them to the shape I wanted (standard cube). I don't think its a problem to take that much off the height and tidy it up now. It will look abit bare but it will have the rest of the summer and autumn to grow.

    My pittosporums now I just give a trim when the top gets untidy and also do the sides and lower down.

    I haven't had any bits go brown or large chunks die off either.

    Hope this helps.

  • Update:

    We/I trimmed the side nearest the house a week ago so to stop it spending all winter bashing the house up. Any further cutting we've decided to postpone until Spring now as you never know what the weather will do now and we don't want to risk it.

    I've taken a photo to show how much we intend to chop off in the Spring. That'll actually be the height it used to be maybe 10 years ago. 


    The bottom red line was to give an idea of where the actual ground level is in the photo. 

    Spring can't come soon enough, as I can't wait to get this one down to size!

    That shouldn't be too much to chop in one go?


  • Woop Woop image I'm doing something rightimage

    I'd assume that by "Spring", we don't mean 21st January, but more March-ish?

  • Cool, thanks image

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