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Petrol strimmer

Hi there, I want to invest in a petrol strimmer. Looking to spend around ??100. Just looking for a few recommendations. Thanks in advance, Sam


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    I have a petrol grass trimmer -  FPGTP25, bought in a winter sale from B&Q last yr, Oct/Nov time, I think I paid £70 for it. It's worth waiting for the sales if you can. 

    Fab piece of kit, I use it on the allotment to keep down weeds and trim the grass paths. Light weight and has a detachable head, I'm told you can purchase different heads for it, for instance a hedge trimmer attachment for reaching up high but not seen any of the attachments in store. 

    You'll also need to purchase, goggles, petrol, oil, funnel and mixing bottle. B&Q do a starter kit, excluding the petrol, at approx £10. 

    For the record, I don't work for B&Q image.



  • all depends on what you want to strim if just light strimming  then yes like zoomer44 said b&q have good gear but if you want to do heavy strimming try amazon have whole range of strimmer/brush cutters

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