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  • I clean my greenhouse with the recommended amount of Jeyes Fluid to warm water. For the stubborn algae, I have added a squirt of Fairy Liquid. This seems to do the job quite satisfactorily. I then give both inside and out a good rinse with the hose pipe. The glass is sparkling and all set for the new season.

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  • It would be grate if more people are using eco-friendly washing up liquidend of tenancy cleaning
  • How do you manage to preserve all the plants that you grow inside?
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  • Remarkable post created on cleaning! Are the chemical cleaners affecting for our health?
  • Think it seems to be cleaning companies!
    Me I refer to avoid too many chemical cleaning agents etc!!
  • back on the subject of Hellibore's I think they would grow anywhere as the ones that have sewn themselves in the Hydranger had to jump in the air to get in, but they are also growing in gravel that has black fleece under it so there is no earth to speak of, they've really fell by the way side.
  • I love cleaning with the jet wash, the results are excellent and everything is fresh after that.
  • And what is more, you can spray your flowers with some gardening liquid in order to make the flowers look fresher, but you should consult with your <a title="Gardener London" href="" target="_blank">gardener London</a> first.

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    Davidrick ... this is a Gardening Forum ... some of us don't spend a lot of time on house  cleaning imagebecause we just track mud and weeds indoors  all the time  image ... we've got no carpets, just wooden floors ... think you need to ask another forum ... sorry image

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