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    Right again Geoff we move on although the Army used DDT as a delousing agent, luckily I was always well back overlooking events in an armoured vehicle, what happened to those people and the lads using the pumps I wonder??
    The subject was books of which I have many some falling apart and some, "well" pristine, full of pretentious rubbish, only my opinion of course.
    I find the RHS books get most use.
    House plants, that is well used and in your greenhouse Percy Thrower a well written book although as mentioned he does advocate the use of Nicotine smoke generators, and other chemicals. He does say read all of the label, open all doors and windows but that giving plants the correct treatment will stop pests and disease. ( I have dug it out of the pile to reread and find that apart from the smoking bit it is full of information people can use today).
    Some of the Readers Digest books I was given are fairly well used, some good information on plant needs and welfare, a couple of modern books on garden make overs, looked at and put aside, they were presents, would not buy them myself.
    I always look at the gardening section of the Town library (yes we still have one) to see if there are any new books, nothing I would take out lately although some good old ones for a read when the TV is rubbish.
    You take you pick, the choice is ours.


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    I have more gardening books at home thatn there are in our Library. Mind I do have 16 metres of shelves of them!

  • My express wish to you all is that you read as many of Christopher LLoyd's books and articles as you can find. His output is, and will remain, timeless. And if you get the opportunity to see his garden at Great Dixter, E. Sussex, go and go again.

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