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 We really want to spend some time and money creating a garden with lots of flowers and plants. We like modern looking gardens, which would match an extension we've just had built.

To date, we seem to buy the odd plant or bush, without really having an overall plan! Feels like we aren't really getting any where!

We are thinking of painting the fences a grey colour so they match, maybe also painting the brick bits as at the moment the red brick clashes with everything.

We'd are also probably thinking of re-staining the decking at the back grey and extending the bamboo along the fence which is already half done.

We're on clay soil, so trying to improve every time we put new plants in. I wonder if we should be planting more plants in the gaps we have?

Any help, advice or ideas would be much appreciated!




  • GillianBCGillianBC Posts: 121

    It's a nice garden with a lot of potential and already some good trees in there. The layout is a bit like mine - space for lawn and flower beds at the back and side areas for other stuff like the space for the children to play, washing line, utility areas.

    An overall plan would definitely help - there are lots of ideas on Pintrest if you type in 'garden design' or 'yard design'.  I've also found the local library a lot of help as you can get 10 books out at a time, flick through them for ideas then take them back the next week.  This series by the lovely Alan Titchmarsh is also good:

    Also good to draw several very rough sketches of the garden then draw in which bits are in the sun at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm etc.  Also draw on the rough plans the key sight-lines.  For me, I want something good to look out when I look out of the kitchen window and another focal point when I look out of the french windows in my sitting room.  

  • alex 5alex 5 Posts: 2
    Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'll check out the link above and also check Pintrest!
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 26,711

    Hi alex. I see that you have young children - they can take their toll on a garden very quickly! Are you keen to keep a large area of grass for playing? It's a lovely surface for children. I'd tend to keep most of that and perhaps form a large border in one corner to have plants/shrub/trees that you like. A really strong look concentrated in one main area is always better than a lot of individual plants dotted around - especially if you like a contemporary, modern feel.

    As Gillian says,  good views from a room that you use a lot are important, especially in winter when you'll be looking out rather being out. If you like encouraging wildlife - bird feeders and a bird bath in a prominent spot would be great for winter. Make a list of all the things you like - colour, style, flower types etc as well as your needs - veg plot if you're keen on one, washing line, storage, seating /dining space, compost bin/work areas and so on. Then a list with the things you don't want, like or need.  Then some sketches as Gillian has said, to put in a few ideas. Just make sure they're to scale. image

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  • chelliechellie Posts: 37

    hi alex youve got a good bit of garden there, is the side bit all paved? and the bit to the back of your property more grass? do you have any ideas in mind on what you would like in your garden? plant wise etc? whether you want to keep all your grass or only a little for the kids to play? xx is your garden south facing etc? xx

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