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Slug extermination

I think I have the world and his wife s share of the little critters. My chard shoots then feeds them before it can get going. At the moment It is all I have in the veg beds. I have looked at nematode s but they are a little expensive. Has anyone ttried the boiled treatment? I've heard it will get rid of eggs in the soil image before the spring plants go in.


  • Oops I forgot a word it should have read boiled garlicimage

  • About 2pints water and left to get cold I think.

  • I swear by that spray im always banging on about! But i also agree with verdun, turn the soil and expose the eggs, also disturbing the soil between the plants will break the trail so not as many are attracted to one space, the slugs in my garden all seem to prefer dog biscuits to anything else! image

    Your garlic may work better as a repellent than anything else, i used to use garlic granules which worked well image
  • Thanks Bekkie and Verdun

    I'll give it a go and and declare war on themimage

  • I wouldnt bother with war, theres too many, you will loose!image

    I bang on about that repellent i use, but i couldnt garden the way i do without it, its called SAS spray its a devil to find and pricey, i only use around one can a year now, its brill on cell trays, around the greenhouse etc, i do use it directly on plants and the soil, but its best when its dry weather image

    Good luck image
  • What's the boiled treatment.

    Lime seems to kill the eggs
  • The boiled Garlic water Bekkie says will act as a repellent. I am up for any ideas imagelime will do nicely on spud bed and cabbage patch, had a couple of unusual bottles of real ale given at Christmas, ugh!! They will go into beer baths for the big uglies.

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