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tomato seed germination

hi there , just wondered how long it takes for tom seeds to mine on window sill in tray covered with plastic lid thingy,south facing sun all day radiator below,i know there's no exact time but roughly is it 5 days, 10 days ish or more,just in case I need to give up and start some more off, thx


  • Hi you should start to see signs of life in a week, sometimes 10 days. It depends on the variety of tomato. I would sow a new batch if you don't see anything after two weeks.

  • GardenGrower11GardenGrower11 EnglandPosts: 305

    In a heated propagator or very warm windowsill or cupboard, could be as little as 3 days, although usually it's 5-10 days.

    In cool conditions they can fail to germinate and rot, so I agree with Gardenmaiden about starting again after two weeks.

  • I always make sure the compost is not cold from sitting in the garden.  I very slightly warmed a little up in the pot before sowing the seed this morning.  (in the microwave!)  Mags

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,286

    I think that is a great tip about warming compost. My first attempts this year of sowing seeds were using compost from cold bags out in the shed. The lady at the garden center told me to put new bags indoors by the radiator. I have them there now and have been sowing into the pre-warmed soil and placing the trays in the propagator. Most things are showing in 3-5 days and not lost any to rotting yet.image

  • Yes, should've said that we have our compost indoors for a couple of hours to get warm before using. We use a propagator under lights and the earlier comment is generally our result for germination of 95% of the seeds we sow.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Mine germinate 7-10 days in unheated propagator in dining room image in light but not direct sun in temps of about 18C in day 12C at night but don't do them until mid March, night temps too cold until then.  If very cold overnight I put an old towel over the top to keep them warm and get up early to uncover them image

  • thx everyone


  • image

     planted feb 27 this pic mar 7


     mar 15


     mar 27


     april 13


    july 17

    just found these pics from last year, promised myself wouldn't plant too early this year but planted even earlier 21st feb doh ! oh well only planted about 8-10 this year,if i'd have found these earlier wouldn't have asked about germination so put seed in 27 feb and the 1st pic was 7 mar that's 8 days , I put this years seeds in Saturday 21st feb nowt showing yet I think my compost was too cold , still time though,also the compost was left over from last year will it be ok ? cheers

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