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Lawn mower, 55 and overs needed.



  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 6,057

    I have to agree that the price brackets given in the survey do not reflect the price of lawn mowers likely to be purchased by over 55's. The very cheap lawn mowers are only likely to be bought by those just starting out in gardening with no money and without the knowledge that you get what you pay for (sorry if that sounds patronising!). The price brackets would have been more sensible at less than £100; £100 - £150; £150 - 250 and over £250.

    I did put a comment on the form that the lawn mower I need would not be available for the top price of £150. Last time I looked a replacement model for my mid-range mid-size petrol mower was well over £600 which is why I spend a not insignificant sum each year getting it serviced.

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  • amy165amy165 Posts: 13
    Ok that's great thank you for your response. It's a good eye opener and interesting to see how the market leaders aren't fulflling what the older generation needs within stores. (Which is where I gathered initial price brackets). This project is only in the initial stages so at the moment this is exactly the type of information I need to hear to review back to senior staff.

    Thanks again everyone still need a lot more responses but any extra info or issues regarding lawn mowing, please feel free to comment on here.
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