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I hope someone can help me out!

Several months ago I started growing runner beans from seed. They did really well,they're very healthy and stand over 7 ft tall! Im growing them in large patio planters as past experience resulted in them being destroyed by snails when planted out.

So far ive had no slug/snail problems however, I have no beans growing!  There have been plenty of flowers but once the flowers die/fall off the remaining stalks look to have been munched! Ive searched day and night for whatever is eating the new beans but have found nothing.  They are well watered, misted daily, in plenty of sunlight etc.


Does anyone have anyideas as im stumped!I




  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Another poor gardener with bees stealing the nectar from the flowers by cutting a hole in the back of the flower. See 10th August thread called Bees Not Doing Their Stuff.

  • Thanks. I shall take a look at the thread. We have had alot of bees in the garden this year!

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    7ft is a healthy height, I'd be inclined to nip the tops off, it won't stop whats muching the flowers but the plant will stop growing and produce even more flowers and hopefully some will produce beans.   

  • Thanks guys. Im guessing there isnt much I can do about the bee situation? Would it be wrong to put a net over them in the short term?

  • I have been told about a little black beatle about 1mm x 2mm in size that gets inside the flower and eats all the pollen, thuse stoping it being fertalized, the flower will then fall off.

    Having looked at the flowers on my runners, i can see this little black beatle, so what i whould like to is what can be done about it, PLEASE. Cedric.

  • runnerbeans have grown well sadly the flowers die only a few beans have grown.the leaves look like they are burnt whats wrong



  • yes  same problem.have growm my beans in large pots for years with no problems.It must be the bee's causing the problem

  • cedric... my mum has these beetles in her sweet peas.. she cant bring any indoors.

    my runners are doing really well this year..


     this picture was taken month ago (take no notice of camer date it resets itself everynow and then regardless what i do)..

    and now they a8ft all and a mass of flowers and bees.. we have frozen 2 large freezer bags full and given loads away as cant eat them all.. i have to pick them every two days to stay on top of them all..

    all we did was fill the bed with a whole outturned composter full or compost.. i thin that is why and watered them every day.. best runners we have ever had.



  • greenfingers.. may be wind bite..

    thinking maybe this black beetle is the reason for out bee problem.. if they are eating all the pollen first.. mum had these beetles last year and now this year.. it ruins all  her sweet peas.. it is only on them thou.. strangeimage

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