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Yellow Eggs

I have had a small bunch of yellow eggs the size of black fly deposited on my Runner bean leaves for 3 days now.  Can you tell what they are as I keep squashing them.  There are about 10 in the bunch.


  • Whatever they are, I'd squash them as whatever they'll hatch into will most likely have been laid on your bean plants for a reason i.e. a quick feast.

    Slug eggs can be yellow but are usually laid in the soil. Some moth or butterfly catepillar eggs are yellow and are usually laid under foliage of target plants.

    A few years ago I grew some runner beans and they played host to a colony of very hairy catepillars (too late to ID them from memory now!) that mostly targeted new beans. The catepillars sawed sections off the bottom of the beans, halting the development of the affected beans, then moved onto fresh beans. Looked like it was going to be a disaster but in the end, the catepillars couldn't keep up with the supply and probably pupated before doing any serious damage as runner beans are pretty vigorous when established.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,779

    Very likely Watery ... But if people follow the advice above the ladybird larvae won't be there to munch on the aphids when they appear on the beans, will they?

    its really not a good idea to go round killing things indiscriminately, especially when you have no idea what they are. 


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