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phlox paniculata flame white eyes

I have very recently planted some of these plants in a raised border in my garden and within a week they have been devoured by some insect. It is just the lower leaves so far but there are notches and, in some cases, the whole leaves have been eaten away.There is a rhodedendron about 12 feet away from the plants and I'm wondering if it is vine weevil that is doing the damage. I wonder if it could be anything else and what is the best method to get rid of them. Has anyone had any experience of using the spray?



  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,466

    It could be vine weevil if the notches look right, as phlox don't seem to be all that appetizing to slugs and snails, one reason why I value them so much! I don't use sprays, so can't help on that score.

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