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New house overgrown garden

Hi guys,

Complete novice here after some advice for our new garden. We've just moved in and the garden hasn't been touched for years.

Can anyone make our what the plant is on the right hand side that has taken over almost the entire garden?

I've also dug up as much as I could towards the bottom of the garden (including roots) this weekend (second image), although I'm now thinking I should of probably just used weedkiller on this and it will now probably grow back twice as bad? Any advice on how to proceed from here?

Is it a good idea to just weedkill anything that comes up from now on in? A neighbour told me she had similar when she moved in and she just tarped the entire garden for 6 months? 

We are planning on turfing in Spring next year.

Thanks in advance



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    Looks like you've made an excellent start .  If you're not planning to turf until next spring, I'd get some weed suppressant membrane down asap.  Home and Bargains do some excellent rolls for £3.00; my picture shows the soil I unveiled after 12 months in the dark - not a weed in site.  Especially with this weather, leaving it uncovered will soon see your hard work go to waste.  Pegged down the membrane will not look an eyesore.  Tart the decked area up (Cuprinol's Urban Slate looks fab) and get some pots (H & B too), pot perennials so you can re-pot next year.  You can then enjoy the rest of the summer planning your garden for spring!  BTW, can thoroughly recommend Wickes turf, top quality!

  • Thanks. I've bought some thick tarp - will that do the same job? Would you definitely keep it down for 12 months or would 9 or so be OK?

  • Any ideas on the plant that seems to have taken over on the right hand side? I think from google images it might be bindweed??? No idea though as I'm a complete novice at all of this

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    plant on the right looks like Russian vine (or maybe Virginia creeper?), seriously invasive and grows like its in a jungle, you'll need to find where its rooted, chop it off and then weed killer any regrowth about a month later

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  • I think it may well be Russian vine? Here is a better image. Looks like I've got a job on my hands


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923


    this is Virginia creeper, it look like that rather than Russian vine which has only one leaf rather than five.

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    either way it's going to be a job to get rid of it, like I said, chop to the ground and glyphosate the re growth

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