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Young dwarf fruit trees problem

Hello all,

I have a dwarf Victoria P|um and Comice Pear, both planted this spring.  Both seem to have blotches and small holes on the leaves and the leaves are curling.  

Also have a dwarf Braeburn apple planted last autumn.  The leaves are curling and some branches have died back at the tip but still have leaves further down.

I have watered as instructed.  There is a large ants nest around the apple if this is a problem??

Please see photos in order: plum, pear then apple.


Hopefully there is something I can do.

Thanks a lot.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,639

    Have you had a close up look at the leaves on the plum? Sometimes, discoloration and leaf curl like that could be aphids. They're very small and not always visible to the naked eye. The spots on the leaves can be caused by that, or your trees may be suffering from powdery mildew. 

    Those shoots on the apple look like they're frost damage. I don't think the small holes in the leaves are too much to worry about, but the plant looks like it's had frost damage and possible stress from some kind of attack from aphids. They are very young, and still need a bit of protection from cold and drying winds. If you have ants nearby, get ant gel boxes and dot them near the area. This does not affect the plant. 

  • pondy1955pondy1955 Posts: 18

    Thank you very much for your response.  Should I cut the dead shoots off the apple? Thanks, Joan

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,639

    I would recommend it. Hopefully someone with even more knowledge on fruit growing may offer other solutions. In case of any kind of contamination, make sure the sacateurs or knife being used is super-clean before and after cutting.

    I don't know the kind of weather you have had over the last year, but the apple looks very stressed. If you are not fan training it, or creating some shape, I think the lower branches could do with a trim to create less space for the wind to stress or rock the plant. The tops could also do with a cut to create more shorter side stems. Long whippy stems would suit some kind of training or supported by a wall, but since you are growing it in the middle, I think the plant needs to concentrate on building strength on the branches closes to the middle.

  • pondy1955pondy1955 Posts: 18

    Thanks again, this all makes good sense.  Cheers, Joan

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