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Rebecca110Rebecca110 Posts: 1,485

I'm fairly new to gardening and have let a rose bush grow wide and tall.  It's in bloom at present and lovely.  What should I do to keep it flowering and healthy.


  • Ruby12Ruby12 Posts: 2,193

    Hi! Rebecca.

    In late spring cut back to leaf nodes cut at an angle above node . If it hasn't been cut before I wouldn't cut back more than a third. Likes plenty of feed tomato feed is good and regular watering in dry weather.good luck?

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    In addition to what Ruby12 has advised, if it is a repeat flowering rose, after shaping it, during the growing season, you can keep dead-heading the faded flowers. This keeps the bush tidy and helps produce more blooms. Once the flowers are finished, cut just above preferably five leaves on the branch. New growth will start straight away.

  • Rebecca110Rebecca110 Posts: 1,485

    I have to admit I have just let the Rose bush grow for over a year as I was worried about trimming it and spoiling it.    I will dead head the roses and cut it back.  I bought the rose bush outside a factory shop and it was only £2 and has flourished.  Unfortunately, a more expensive rose bush did not do so well but will try with a tomato feed to hopefully coax it back to health.

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