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Top Soil Question

So we've had our garden landscaped and really happy with it.

The land scappers added a load of top soil to our sleepers which we have against a fence.

It seems very dense and already has a hard crust so I'm looking to add something to help.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

very poor picture of the garden.



  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384

    Well-rotted farmyard manure is the ideal thing to add.  The bagged stuff available from garden centres etc. is fine if you can't source any locally.  If you are going to plant into it immediately, then you could add multi-purpose compost instead as manure can be a bit strong for some plants until the worms break it down.  In late autumn, put down a 2-4 inch layer of manure on top of the beds and the worms will take that down into the soil over the winter for you.

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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,287

    Def agree with Bob.

    I had raised veg planters put in last year and had 2-3ft of topsoil added to each (20T in all).
    I got 4T well rotted FYM and put a layer 4-6" deep on top. It should have been pulled in by the worms etc over autumn/winter/spring but we had almost zero rain, so I dug it in in spring. Now planted with veg and all doing well. The only thing I'd wish I'd done, and probably will this autumn) is to add a load of horticultural grit too. It's really nice topsoil like yours with no stones and a fine sandy consistency, but it lacks life, so some well rotted FYM will sort that and grit to help drainage would be my suggestion.
    There's a few small areas I didn't add the FYM to and same as you,a hard crust has formed and water just runs off.

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